Meet our new collaborators

We at GoLinum are excited to announce our partnership with Hilton Copenhagen Airport, Glostrup Park Hotel and Park Inn Radisson

Seeing how GoLinum aims to change the way you interact and communicate in your hotel surroundings, Hilton Copenhagen Airport, Glostrup Park Hotel and Park Inn Radisson are great additions to fulfil that goal. Having been newly renovated and tailor-made for conferences and social gatherings, the hotels are a great fit for professionals to network.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport is the award-winning business hotel with 29 meeting rooms with the capability to fit 4-5000 delegates. Being only a stone throw away from Copenhagen Airport and 12 minutes from the city center, Hilton is perfect for travel as well as professional meeting facility. Connect with other guests in their Horizon All Day restaurant or unwind in the Axis Bar & Lounge.

Glostrup Park Hotel is 4 star hotel well suited for both leisure and business. This makes the hotel an ideal setting to network and locate likeminded individuals. The hotel offers exceptional professional meeting facilities, in addition to their delightful restaurant La Cocotte and lobby bar – letting you engage how you want with people relevant to your business or career.

Park Inn Radisson is located 5 minutes from the airport and just 15 minutes away from the city center by metro. This makes it convenient to create your very own network environment using the GoLinum Map. Chat with professionals who are in CPH for travel or meet people situated in the inner city. Park Inn accomodates every type of social gathering, as well as business and leisure. Why not take a stroll down the scenic neighbourhood of Amager Beach Park and see who are ready to network?

All three hotels makes it easy for GoLinum-users to create a networking-environment for themselves and meet up with other guests. Decide how you want to network, whether by treating yourself to drinks, an enjoyable meal or a quick meet-and-greet.

Stay connected and expand your network on-the-go with GoLinum next time you visit Hilton Copenhagen Airport, Glostrup Park Hotel, or Park Inn Radisson and network with a diverse set of professionals.

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