GoLinum began when Jesper Schou, one of the company’s founders, had the thought that “nobody talks anymore”. In any situation where you find yourself in a holding pattern; Airport lounge, Conference break, Hotel lobby, traveling on business or in a bar waiting for friends, the people around you, who you don’t know, are just looking at their devices. People don’t talk anymore; they are caught up in their devices.

Many of us find ourselves in these situations, where it would be great to be able to meet people with similar interests or to use the time efficiently and talk to people who were relevant to our profession or business.

Jesper looked to Flightrader 24™. This app basically shows you which planes are in the sky and when you click on them, you can see where they have been and where they are going to, you can see how many miles they have flown and when their next service is. For the plane enthusiast this is really useful and interesting information – but what if you apply the principle to people?

If you have ever been to a conference, large exhibition, or business event with the aim of finding contacts relevant to you or your business, then you know the difficulties of navigating through a vast amount of people to find exactly who you need. Even if you know who is there, how can you find them? How can you reach out? We went on to create exactly this ability.

Change the way you network

With GoLinum, you can instantly find and connect with the people around you. Whether you are at a hotel, business event, conference or just social, GoLinum gives you direct access to other professionals, former colleagues and new potential business contacts.

You choose how you connect with people, whether by using the app’s messaging function or joining up for a cup of coffee, but the main thing is, that you will always have an easy and accessible connection with the people around you. Imagine a world like this, where every stop is an adventure of meeting new people. Where people put down their devices and actually talk, expand their horizons and network and meet interesting people. This is at the heart of GoLinum, this is our mission.


Download the app for free to your smartphone at App Store or Google Play and #GoNetwork!