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Our goal is delivering a user-friendly platform that enables you to find and communicate with likeminded professionals, whether it's at a business event, conference or social gathering.

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The profile is your online business card. It shows your description, work experience, education and current mood. A user’s mood indicates the type of interaction they are looking for - whether you’re in the mood for a glass of wine or a quick walk and talk.


Real-time, reliable chat functionality enables easy and secure communication. Catch up with former colleagues, someone you've met at a conference or initiate dialogue with a new potential relation.


Find interesting professionals to network with. Expand your network and join up for a cup of coffee, a walk in the park or an event nearby.


Provides an overview of affiliated hotels, conference centers and other partner locations. Check in to show other members your current location.


Discover people near you and at interesting places and events using the integrated map. Coloured markers makes it easy to identify points of interest around you.